The UCI Undergraduate Research Journal   

The UCI Undergraduate Research Journal, produced by UROP, is a compilation of outstanding papers submitted by UCI undergraduate students from all disciplines who have completed faculty-mentored research projects or creative activities. It provides a forum for UCI’s best undergraduate researchers to showcase their work while enlightening students, the UCI community, high schools, community colleges, funding agencies, and corporations about the strength of UCI’s undergraduate research community.

The Journal is on hold until further notice. We are focusing on expanding our offerings to reach and support greater numbers of undergraduate students and introduce them to the many benefits that participating in a research project or creative activity can offer. We will revisit the Journal sometime in 2023 and will share any further updates at that time. We also look forward to developing new ways for students to share their research achievements, ways that take advantage of the many media possibilities that are available. We will announce these as they open up, and look forward to continuing to highlight UCI’s undergraduate research culture in the future.

If you would like to have your research published, we encourage you to consult with your faculty mentor about opportunities that might be available to you. This overview of the publication process can provide some things to consider as you explore publication options.


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